Collections Department
The Good Old Days of Collections are Over.  In the past, the high fees charged by collection agencies and their attorneys have made pursuing your bad debt even more of a money loser.  Things have changed.

From the family owned business...
Today's small business owners face a unique challenge with their collection needs.  They must keep cash flow high and delinquencies low and do so with very little additional expense.  Because you can not afford to throw money away, collection of accounts receivables is a must in your budget and business plan.  

To the Fortune 500...
Larger companies that have bulk accounts receivable generally hire collection agencies-who in turn need to hire an attorney.  This reduces contact with your accounts and drives your collection costs up.  Eliminate this two-step approach which is costing you money.  At John D. Bradshaw P.C. your accounts stay in one place from placement to post-judgment remedies.  Ultimately, we reduce your “cost of collection” by eliminating the middle man: the collection agency.

Bottom Line...Your Net Recovery is Our Goal!
If you are not using an expert to collect your accounts receivable, you are losing money.

Trust your accounts to professionals who offer you efficient and effective statewide service for all your collection needs from beginning to end.  We will give your accounts the personal and ethical attention that you demand, and at a price that makes bad debt recovery worthwhile.

John D. Bradshaw P.C.
- Is a completely automated firm
- Is on-line with multiple databases for skip-tracing
- Reports to a credit bureau on a monthly basis
- Sends all required Fair Debt Collection Practice Act notices
- Calls debtors to notify them of the outstanding debt.
- Sets up and monitors payment arrangements
- Garnishments
- Executions
- Liens on Property

If you are interested in using John D. Bradshaw to collect a debt for you, please visit our Request Information on our Collection Services page.