At John D. Bradshaw, P.C., our experience has taught us that the happiest clients are the clients who are:

1) listened to,
2) kept informed,
3) helped to understand the legal process,
4) shown how the matter will affect their future, and
5) given the attention of an experienced and talented attorney who will go the extra mile to meet his or her client's situation and needs.

The family law lawyers at John D. Bradshaw, P.C., care about what happens in our clients' lives and what happens to their children and other family members.  We give individual attention to each individual client. 

We have helped our clients through all aspects of family law matters, including divorces, child custody disputes, parenting time modifications, Friend of the Court matters, pre-nuptial agreements, and post-nuptial agreements.

Our philosophy is that family law matters should be a smooth and simple process.  However, if required, our family law attorneys are energetic and experienced litigators who are prepared to wade into battle to protect our client's interests to the fullest extent of the law. 

For an initial telephone or in-person consultation for a matter in which you would like a family law mediator or representation, contact Lucianne Conklin at, or (269) 373-4400, ext. 21.