Collections Process
This will serve as an outline of the various stages of our collections process, because you may not want or need all three “stages” we can customize your needs with any or all of the below.

Stage I: Pre-collect
The account(s) will be loaded into our collections database. The debtor will be sent a series of customized-for-your-company letters for a fixed fee per account. Typically, these letters are looking for immediate payment in full and don’t even mention the option of a payment arrangement.

Stage II: Full collections/ Pre-legal

The debtor will be sent at least one notice (and possibly more depending on the circumstances) that is more harshly drafted than the pre-collect notices. The account is also flagged for credit reporting and the debtor is notified of this. Our pre-legal collectors review the accounts and either send additional notices or call the debtor directly in an effort to get the account paid in full, set up a payment arrangement, or prepare the account for Stage III.

Stage III: Legal Collections

If the Debtor is determined not to pay voluntarily, we will file a lawsuit seeking judgment for the principle amount owed plus statutory or contract interest, advanced costs and statutory attorney’s fees. This process may involve preparing for and conducting a trial as well as post-judgment collections such as garnishment.
 This option does involve “advanced costs” that must be paid to the Court like filing and process service fees. The client will be responsible for those costs and will be billed on a monthly basis. These costs will be reimbursed by the debtor and are paid out of the first monies collected.
At every stage of the collection process, we attempt to make repayment as convenient as possible for your debtors.  Therefore, we offer the following methods of payment for your debtors: Credit Card, Check by Phone, Direct Debit from savings or checking, Wage Assignment, Internet, and (of course) cash, checks or money orders.

We would like the opportunity to discuss your needs and how we can help your company recover your accounts receivable.

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