The commercial litigation attorneys at John D. Bradshaw P.C. have experience in a wide range of commercial and business litigation matters, including contract disputes, business dissolutions, real estate, residential and commercial construction disputes, torts, negligence, and insurance claims and defense.  John D. Bradshaw, P.C. also represents both plaintiffs and defendants in different matters, and the firm’s wide range of practice gives it a unique and powerful point of view, as well as the ability to efficiently achieve practical results.

You or your business might have been served with a summons or complaint.  You or your business might be considering bringing a legal action against another party.  You might only suspect that you or your business might become involved in a legal action in the future.  In any of these situations, the commercial litigation attorneys at John D. Bradshaw, P.C. are ready and willing to help you or your business develop a strategy for successfully resolving the dispute. 

John D. Bradshaw, P.C., is both efficient and tenacious.  Its lawyers are prepared to aggressively pursue the best outcome for you or your business. 

For an initial telephone or in-person consultation, contact:

John D. Bradshaw at or (269) 373-4400, ext. 11