When a dispute or potential conflict arises at any stage in a construction project, the construction law attorneys at John D. Bradshaw, P.C. are available to advise you on the best strategy to protect you and your company’s interests.  Sometimes it only requires half an hour worth of advice.  That half hour you spend on the phone could be an invaluable investment that saves you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future, as well as saving you the loss of valuable business relationships by heading off arguments and resolving conflicts before they snowball.

Whether you make that call from a job site on your cell phone with the noise of heavy machinery in the background, or from a speaker phone from the comfort of your offices, the construction law attorneys at John D. Bradshaw, P.C. are ready to give you the advice you need to protect your legal rights and make the best strategic decisions possible. 

When you need a Mechanics Lien filed, our office has years of expertise in the process, as well as experienced staff who make filing as efficient and effective as possible.

We have represented large construction corporations, contractors, material men, architects and engineers, construction managers, owners, sub contractors, and sub-sub contractors.  Our goal is the same as yours: to have a positive effect on your bottom line.

For an initial telephone or in-person consultation contact:

Lucianne Conklin at LAC@JohnDBradshawPC.com, or (269) 349-3343, or
Brian Morris at bwm@JohnDBradshawPC.com, or (269) 373-4400, ext. 42.