Family Matters, Probate Matters and General Civil Matters

Mediation is another method for resolving a disputed matter without
going to court. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods such
as mediation have many potential advantages, including:

  • Reduced cost;
  • Efficient resolution;
  • Less emotional stress;
  • Flexibility with rules and procedures;
  • Control over the results.

Before resorting to the expense, time commitment and anxiety of the legal system, consider trying to solve the problem through mediation.   Agreements reached through mediation are more likely to be followed by the parties then a court order forced upon them.  You will find that resolving a dispute through mediation is very satisfying process. 

For Family Matters:
Attorney Lucianne A. Conklin is a mediator approved by the
Kalamazoo County Family Court. Attorney Conklin has over a hundred
hours of mediation training and twelve years of experience
successfully mediating hundreds of family law matters.
Frequently, parties want to avoid for themselves and their
children the bitterness and frustration that often accompany
controversies when terminating a marriage and allocating parental
rights and responsibilities.  Mediation offers a chance to solve
problems cooperatively both pre-decree and post-decree in a
non-adversarial forum.  Through mediation, the parties can create
an agreement that settles the major issues involved in dissolving
a marriage.  The agreement is designed to represent the interests of both the
husband and wife and their children.
If desired, the mediator can work with an accountant, appraiser,
or financial adviser to assist the parties in dividing assets
such as businesses or real property.

For Business, Construction and Civil Matters:

Attorney Lucianne A. Conklin is also approved by Kalamazoo County Circuit Court, as well as the VanBuren, Cass and St. Joseph Circuit Courts to provide mediation for civil (non criminal) disputes.  She has completed general civil mediation training and has attended numerous advanced civil mediation trainings.  Attorney Conklin has mediated in many areas including both residential and commercial construction disputes, property boundary disputes, wrongful termination and civil rights disputes and partnership disputes.

For Probate Matters:

Attorney Conklin is approved by Kalamazoo County Probate Court to mediate disputes arising from the death of a family member, or the need to appoint a guardian or conservator.
Attorney Conklin has completed training specifically directed at resolving guardian and conservator disputes within families.

For more information please contact Attorney Lucianne Conklin at: or 269.349.3343